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Brain Tumour Awareness

Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40; over 5,000 people lose their lives to a brain tumour each year and just 11% of adults survive for five years after diagnosis. Those are some of the eye-opening facts that people with brain tumours must live with daily.

Living with any form of cancer is extremely tough, but doing so during a global pandemic, and when the diagnosis is completely out of the blue is even more difficult. This is the new normal that our colleague Tess’ daughter Yvette has had since February 2020. As a company, we care a great deal for all of our people and always help where we can, therefore:

We would like to thank Yvette for giving us permission to share her story, with the hopes to raise awareness of brain tumours and the lack of funding they currently receive.

“In February 2020, I was informed my MRI scan showed that I had a tumour the size of a tennis ball in my brain and, not surprisingly, it needed to come out ASAP.

After two days recovering from my surgery at St George’s Hospital, I was sent home as I was recovering well, but COVID-19 was also sweeping the hospital and so it was safer for me to continue my recovery at home. After a week, I returned to the hospital to have my staples removed and was given the devasting news that the tumour was malignant. I was then referred to my local Oncology centre to undergo treatment for the remaining tumour. I had six and a half weeks of radiotherapy, which meant while everyone else was going through the first UK lockdown, I was leaving my house daily, Monday to Friday, for ten-minute radiotherapy sessions – the upside was little to no traffic on the roads!

Next, began my chemotherapy cycles – five days of chemo tablets followed by 23 days off. I have just completed my 12th and final cycle; however, the MRI scans and hospital appointments will continue.

The Brain Tumour Charity has been there for me throughout my treatment, acting as virtual support, as I walk this journey of dealing with Glenis (my brain tumour) every day. Over the past 18 months I have been in a support group with people suffering from the same disease. We have celebrated the few that made recoveries, but also cried about those who have stopped contributing, to only have the news that they will never be back.

We offered support for those that felt they could not go on and shared in every moment of joy like positive scan results and ‘craniversaries’, drawing on these to lift our own emotional states. We often look the same as we used too, we sound the same, but our brains are malfunctioning, our hormones act like it’s a riot and our emotions act like a drunk teenager. Life gets a little challenging every now and again, but we are happy for the

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ISO 39001, Continuing Success

Wilson & Scott has achieved a clean bill of health, with zero non-conformities, during our continuing assessment audit (against our ISO 39001 road traffic safety management system) by BSI, informs our Head of Compliance.

“A continued success on our road to safety”

This great result showcases a continued success on our road to safety, and further enhances our commitment to reducing, and ultimately eliminating, the risk of death or serious injury relating to road traffic incidents.

We would like to thank all of our people and supply chain partners for the ongoing support of our “safety starts with me” approach.


Rainbow Crossing in Godalming

At Wilson & Scott, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and conscientious company, with a diverse workforce; therefore, we welcome any opportunity to bring communities together through the work that we do.

During this year’s pride month, our team laid down a rainbow pedestrian crossing for Surrey County Council.

Bespoke jobs and intricate work is what our operatives excel in, and, as you can see, the results really do speak for themselves. By using industry leading materials and our mobile technology, we can deliver projects like this quickly and efficiently, whilst working in accordance with all the ISO certifications that we have been awarded.

“Fabulous work” -Katie Stewart, SCC

If you are around the Godalming area, and haven’t already seen this technicolour wonder, be sure to cross over at Flambard Way to have a look at what Wilson & Scott has to offer.

Here is what the Executive Director for Environment Transport and Infrastructure, Katie Stewart, at Surrey County Council had to say: “This [the crossing] is amazing – and fabulous work!  Thank you for all the energy and effort that went into making this possible”






Hi Alan,

Since in construction we generally only hear about the bad things in our work, I felt the need to pass some praise back for Roger and Josh that have been on our Site today.

The professionalism of the guys and their attention to detail for the works carried out was exceptional.
Full PPE was worn without question, both were calm in carrying out the work from setting it out and completing the marking.
They arrived on site early and despite finishing way ahead of schedule, the works were not rushed which you can tell from the end result.

Also, thanks for scheduling the works at such short notice.

Kind regards,
Site Manager

Wilson and Scott have acquired LMS Highway Road Markings division as part of its ongoing strategic progression to continue to offer our Nationwide service on a local basis. Wilson and Scott is a National Line Marking company for roads, car parks and highways including markings for public car parks, playgrounds, stadiums and many business environments.

Cameron Simms Wilson & Scott Managing Director comments: ‘United by a common business culture and the desire to deliver a safe quality service, this acquisition is a perfect fit for both of us and having the opportunity to work with the team at LMS is very exciting. The addition of this 35-year-old reputable and established business is a fantastic opportunity for both of us and I look forward to developing our relationship to deliver an even better range of services.’

Paul Winter LMS Highways managing Director comments: ‘LMS Highways has developed from a regional road marking contractor, to a nationwide provider of specialist highways maintenance concrete repair projects The sale of the road marking division gives our multi-disciplined workforce and diverse and highly experienced management the opportunity to work alongside the team at Wilson and Scott to develop its Nationwide support with the same core offerings and shared business ethos.

The acquisition of LMS, based in Newton Abbot in Devon, will provide immediate tangible benefits to Wilson and Scott’s existing and future customers and will further enhance the services offered with increased expertise and capability.

Wilson and Scott, Colndale Road, Poyle Industrial Estate, Colnbrook, SL3 0HQ.

It was in the early 1970’s that the idea of spraying thermoplastic road markings first took off in the UK. The first machines were quite large and unsuitable for urban streets. Smaller machines that could manoeuvre around tight corners and apply yellow lines were needed.

Not satisfied with the machines then available from machinery manufacturers Wilson & Scott decided to make their own machine for use on their UK contracts.

From an earlier articulated version called PS/3 the highly successful PS/4 emerged. With a triangle style wheelbase and its spray guns aligned with the front axle the PS/4 could navigate tight radii and narrow streets to lay double yellow lines simultaneously. Originally planned only for use in-house at WS a demand from other UK and Irish contractors led to the establishment of a production line and the eventual manufacture of more than 120 machines. They were sold across the world with 50 going to the USA alone.

Production ceased in the late 1980’s but these simple robust machines kept working and continued to be used regularly for more than 30 years. With its oldest machines now beyond repair WS decided to resurrect the concept of the PS/4 using the latest technology and industrial design standards. The new PS/4 hit the roads in March 2020.


Wilson and Scott completes Britain’s first Dutch style roundabout that prioritises cyclist and pedestrians. Cyclists have the use of the outer ring , with cycle crossings over each of the four approach roads in a contrasting red surface. There are also zebra crossings over each approach road for pedestrians. Motorists must give way when joining and leaving the roundabout.

Reduced lane widths on the roundabout at entry and exit points are designed to encourage drivers to slow down. It took nearly a year to construct and works were delayed by 2 months due to the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Wilson and Scott completed the road marking in MMA over 3-night shifts.

New Chairman for RSMA

Stephen Scott takes up the Chairmanship of the Road Safety Markings Association for the second time.

The RSMA is the trade body for the road marking industry in the UK and is a dynamic and proactive organisation that promotes the use of high quality markings and provides the training courses that ensure the workforce are competent and safe. It meets regularly with Government and Local Authority agencies to ensure that standards are maintained and that only quality certified contractors with a fully trained workforce are allowed onto the nation’s road network.

Stephen is currently Vice-Chairman of Wilson & Scott (Highways) Ltd, the longest established road marking company in the UK and a founder member of the RSMA. After more than 40 years at Wilson & Scott where he took over from his father as Managing Director in the early 1990’s, he has stepped back from operational duties to allow the next generation to drive the company forward. He first took the role of Chairman of RSMA over 20 years ago and oversaw its transition from a small volunteer run organisation to its appointment of a paid CEO and staff which grew rapidly to meet the industry needs.

Now with a headquarters office and training facility in Lincolnshire the RSMA is central to the growth and development of the industry with representation on many regulatory and standards bodies here in the UK and across Europe.

Alongside the CEO of the RSMA, Stu McInroy, Stephen will use his 3 year tenure to keep up the good work of his immediate predecessors as Chairman and continue to raise the quality and professionalism of the industry. The autonomous cars of the future will still need high quality road markings to determine their position on the road so the industry has a role to fulfil for many years to come.