Health and Safety

Wilson and Scott

Delivering our Vision through living our Values: “Safety Starts with Me”

At Wilson And Scott we firmly believe that the Health, Safety and wellbeing of not only our employees but all those that our affected by our work is our number one priority. Everyone deserves the right to go home safe and well to their families.

We have empowered a culture within Wilson And Scott  where we continually challenge ourselves and we expect and encourage our stakeholders to challenge us on our Health, Safety and wellbeing values.

We work closely with the Road Safety markings Association in all aspects of Health, Safety and well being where our Health and Safety Manger Chairs the Health and Safety forum to ensure continual improvement across the industry. We are also heavily involved with delivering Health, safety and wellbeing innovation and improvements Across the construction industry as a whole and work in partnership with industry associations and stakeholders to deliver this. It is through the work that we do that our commitment to protecting our workforce and everyone around us is recognised throughout the Road Safety Marking and Surface treatment industry.

Our “Safety Starts with Me” culture at work both energises and motivates people and we want our workforce to enjoy working at Wilson And Scott. We ensure that all our staff, supply chain and Stakeholders feel confident in identifying better ways of working and speaking up when they see something that has the potential to cause harm. It is through this culture of care and concern that we are continually seeking to improve and share best practice wherever possible

We are now working with the Lighthouse club to help raise awareness and understanding of mental health and mental ill-health. By helping people to understand how, when and where they can get support, we can help break the silence and stigma. Our Employee Assistance Programme also provides free, confidential advice and counselling on a range of different issues for not only our employees but their families as well.

Whilst we manage our Health, Safety and Wellbeing through our ISO 45001 certified Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management System, it is through the dedication of all of our staff to the Health Safety And wellbeing of all that we pride ourselves in being a leader in Occupational Safety and Health.


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