b'ANTI SKID AND SAFETY SURFACINGFor Vehicle and Pedestrian safety whenBBA Hapas Type 1 Cold Applied surfaces are wet or dry.For heavy traffic and long life, this is the ultimate material for the job. Strong, flexible and durable, it provides a safe WilsonandScotthaveAntiSkidandSafetySurfaceAnti Skid surface to enable smooth and rapid movement of solutions for every car park, road or street environment.vehicles and pedestrians in wet or dry conditions.Applied by highly trained and experienced Anti Skid teams, in a majority of situations, we will have the surface andBBA HapasType 1 Hot Appliedsurroundings fully operational and clean within a few hours,This is a superior product in the hot Anti Skid range withresulting in minimal or nil impact to your normal operations. widespread use in heavy traffic and hazard zones includingapproachestopedestrianareasandareaswithmulti-Bimagrip Polyurethane directional traffic. This material has the added benefit of This advanced thermosetting resin enables customisedbeing applied all year round.solutionstosafetyandperformanceproblemsof most types of vehicle and pedestrian areas includingBBA Hapas Type 1 MMA High Friction Coloured Surfacingasphalt,concrete,timberandsteel.TreatedsurfacesA high performance, high friction surface finish, available inareabletobefullyoperationalwithinacoupleofa range of colours and skid resistances. It achieves a zerohours,thusensuringminimaldisruptiontoyourerosion index providing the highest possible rating for wearcustomers activities. resistance. Winter grade enables all-year-round application.www.wilsonandscott.co.uk8pp.indd 6 07/12/15 09:17'