b'CAR PARK MATERIALSThe right material for the right job - giving you peace of mindWhilst some line marking contractors may offer only one or two choices of material Wilson and Scott offer a full range of products and will discuss with you the merits of each one depending on the site to be marked. Someproductsarebetterthanothersforconcrete surfacesandsomearenotsuitableformulti-storey or underground use. Choose the right one and you will enjoy many years of use before the lines need marking again. The wrong choice, however, might result in earlyWidest choice of materials availablefailureandaconstantbattletokeepthemarkings looking good. Thematerialsincommonuseforroadandcarpark markings fall into some distinct categories and we can offeravarietyofgradeswithineachcategory.The material used for almost all public road lining work and a large percentage of car parks is Hot Thermoplastic which is a hard wearing, quick drying material available in a few colours and quality grades. It is not suitable for all surfaces however and if laid on the wrong surface it will quickly break off.Materials & Services SuppliedHigh Traction, Safe SurfacesOil, Fuel and Water ResistantEasy MaintenanceWide Range of Materials and ColoursThermoplasticsEpoxyMethylmethacrylate MarkingAbrasive Resistant AggregatesNiteSite - Wet Night High Visiblity MarkingRaised Rib MarkingLine RemovalPreformed MarkingCats Eyes8pp.indd 5 07/12/15 09:17'