b'Temporary Road MarkingsTemporary StudsWecanefficientlysupply,installandremoveboth Hot-Melt-AppliedTemporaryStudsandSelf-Adhesive Temporary Studs in accordance with Chapter Eight, site conditions and customer requirements.Temporarystudscanbeutilisedtodelineatethe carriageway edge, safety routes, safety zones or to dividethecarriagewayintotrafficlanesfornarrow lane or contraflow situations.Temporary Line Markings, including Blacking OutWe can rapidly and safely install and remove temporary lines and black out exsiting lines.Our process reduces the potential for damage to the existinginfrastructureandassettoanextentnot previously possible.Removal of MarkingsOurbespokeHydroblasterhasbeendeveloped in-house. It utilises a multi-nozzle ultra-high-pressure jetting system to remove temporary road markings. The benefits of our technology is that it causes zero damagetothesurface,usescleanwaterdevoidof chemicals and any waste or debris generated is self contained.Temporary TapesWe provide this temporary marking on shortduration projects. The purpose-made tape can be utilised for symbols, lines and blacking out.With the latest advancements in the drying process, the application process has become far less weather-dependant and can provide customers with aversatile, cost-effective and damage-free solution.'