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Car park markings are essential in large parking lots where order and discipline are necessary.  You can see the markings at amusement parks, hotels, schools, disabled parking bays, shopping malls, and other places where vehicles come in large numbers.  These markings are not hastily drawn lines but well planned and marked out.  They have to be clearly seen during the day and night.  They have to be long lasting, and durable.  If you go out somewhere, the first thing you will look for is the car parking space.  Therefore, it is important they are professionally done and gives direction effectively.

Benefits Of A Well-Marked Car Park

The availability of a well organised parking lot is proof that you take care of the smallest details in your outlet including the need for ample parking space for your customers.  It also prevents unnecessary conflicts that happen when people park haphazardly and block the exits of early birds.  Car park markings ensure that all vehicles have sufficient space to exit and enter the parking space without troubling other visitors.  Pedestrians can also move around safely without coming in the path of rashly driven vehicles.  Another advantage of car park markings is that it allows for optimum use of limited spaces and you know exactly how many vehicles can be parked in your parking area without compromising safety.

Seek The Help Of Specialist Car Park Markers

You can seek the help of companies that are well experienced in car park markings if you wish to organise one at your centre.  They can support you with new build car parks or reorganise the old one in your place.  Anti-skid or anti-slip car park markings are important to ensure there are no accidents in the parking areas.  The markings must not fade with time as it will reduce their efficiency.  You could also hose down the car park areas to ensure the markings are clear and not smudged with dirt.

Make Sure They Are ISO Certified

Car park markings must adhere to the ISO 9001:2008 certification to ensure they meet the industry standards.  This also ensures that personnel who do the car park markings undergo regular training and are up to scratch with the latest developments in the industry.  Use of the latest equipment and the best materials are the hallmarks of a professional car park marking company.  You must repair potholes in your parking lot promptly to ensure your car park markings are clearly visible and the car parks are safe and functional.

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Road markings help to control and guide traffic on roads and highways.  Their presence acts as a psychological barrier and shows road users clearly the delineation of the road for safe movement of traffic.  A harmonious flow of traffic is essential for all road users, vehicles, and pedestrians for their safe passage.  There are longitudinal markings, object markings, special markings, and transverse markings to warn the driver about the road ahead.  All motorists are unconsciously looking for road markings to guide them about the road ahead.  It is not enough to have road markings.  They must be clearly visible both night and day and very distinctly marked.

Information Conveyed Through Road Markings

The importance of road markings cannot be exaggerated.  Motorists need the information that these markings provide to make their travel ahead safe and smooth.  Road markings help us to delineate cycle and bus lanes.  They tell us about speed limits and about pedestrian crossings.  Single and double yellow lines have a message for drivers as do lines that separate lane of traffic.  If you do not recognise and follow these road markings, there could be dangerous repercussions.  For example, not stopping at zebra crossings could result in you mowing down slow-moving pedestrians.

Highway Markings by Professionals

All road markings should be done by professionals.  This is to ensure that it is done in a proficient way with the right paint and materials, so that it is clear, bright, and durable.  It should be maintained regularly so that it is not covered with dust or fading with time and use.  When properly done, these markings help to reduce the number of highway fatalities.  Professional line markers can be called to remove existing lines and to lay new line tapes and reflective cat’s eyes.  Retroreflective safety devices also called cat’s eyes or road studs are very important for motorists to recognise the demarcations on the road especially at night.

Meanings Conveyed by Highway Markings

Car park markings have to clearly follow the specifications laid down by law or else it can get pretty confusing.  Vehicles that come in to offload passengers in malls and football stadiums need a clearly demarcated area to safely park their vehicles.  Haphazard parking happens when there are no car park markings leading to exit and entry of vehicles being blocked and unpleasant confrontations.  Car park markings also help to define footpaths and walkways in high traffic areas making movement of pedestrians and vehicles absolutely safe.

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Road markings are essential for an efficient and safe roadway as it helps to separate traffic lanes and pedestrian lanes.  They supplement traffic signals on the highways.  It is important that all motorists learn the meaning of road markings to be able to drive safely.  Using professionals for road markings will ensure they are using paint that is durable and of the highest quality.  Besides painting new lines, road marking specialists can be asked to blackout or remove existing lanes and install reflective cat’s eyes.

Reflective Road Studs to Make Vehicular Movement Safe

Professional road marking companies will give you guaranteed and quality service.  They will also have sufficient personnel and leading-edge line marking vehicles to complete your project on time.  They will lay cat’s eyes or road studs too if required.  These road studs reflect the light of traffic and make the road visible to drivers.  Motorists are able to keep to their side of the road and drive safely even at night on highways where there are no road lights.  It is especially useful on roads that have a lot of curves and corners.  The reflection of lights enables the driver to observe the ends, alignments, and corners of the road correctly.

Durable Line Markings with Thermoplastic

The advantage of using big companies and professional line markers is that they also specialise in extrusion and spray thermoplastic applications. Thermoplastic is a material that is environment friendly, 100% solid, and also a user safe product. At high heat, this mixture of glass beads, binder, pigments, filler materials, and thermoplastic becomes liquid and is then sprayed on to the road for highway markings or road markings. The lines drawn through this method is durable for as long as 4 to 8 years.

Raised Rib Lines Are Ideal for Wet Weather

Raised rib line applications or rumble strips are increasingly being used for edge lines. This is a painted line with raised markings used commonly in highway markings. The vertical edges of the raised ribs become clearly visible to motorists in wet weather. When the tyres of the vehicle pass over the ribs, it gives out audible vibrations as a warning to the drivers and lets them know if they are drifting too much to the left or to the opposing line of traffic. The spacing between the ribs is recommended to be 250 mm and not to exceed 500 mm. The thermoplastic for raised rib lines are applied through the screed technique using a special shoe.

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Car park markings can be a concern to you given their legal nuisances.  If you are planning to build or refurbish your car park, this guide will help you to understand the regulations in a better way.

Space and Size of Car Parking Bays

The space required will depend on the number of bays you can fit. The regulations for car park markings state that for cars it should not be smaller than 2.4mX4.8m in the UK. Additionally, you will need 6 meters for manoeuvring in off-street bays. However, if you consider the size of today’s cars, you may need a larger space. Further, you would want to consider coaches, vans, and delivery vehicles and they need even larger space. If you opt for parallel parking bays, the length of each bay should be longer than the standard. Note that white markings indicate permitted parking and yellow lines indicate no parking. If the cars can manoeuvre in and out easily in your parking space, go ahead with your plan.

 Car Park Marking Lines

Car park marking lines constitute an important part of the parking regulations. These are used to distinguish different types of spaces. Single red lines, used in some parts of the UK, indicate that road traffic cannot stop or wait during the times assigned on the signs. Thus, it ensures that the space of entry is not blocked by a vehicle. Double red lines indicate no stopping or parking or even waiting. Medical emergencies are exceptions. Single yellow lines are the most common markings after standard white lines. The lines are to limit the place only for waiting to pick up passengers. Engage professional services to follow the marking regulations in a proper way.

Dedicated Parking Spaces

Generally, you should aim a 6% space to be allocated to disabled people. The regulations specify how the lines and marks are to be done effectively. The bays are usually larger with minimum dimensions of 2.4m by 12m with a 12m space at back for boot access. You can reserve space for parents and children if there is a retail outlet that attract families in the vicinity. However, this is not mandatory.

Flow of Traffic

It is suggested to use a one-way flow around the car park. You should be careful to keep the traffic on the left-hand side moving if you have two-way traffic to avoid confusion. The car park markings should indicate the directional signs and surface arrows to send the drivers along a single circular route.


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Road markings are generally used in a variety of surfaces like highways, pavements, car parks, sports courts or entertainment complexes. The purpose is to communicate information to motorists and pedestrians. Here is an overview of highway markings for you to understand the purpose and methods of the marking process.

What are Road Markings

Road markings refer to the application of materials or paints on the surfaces of roads, pavements, asphalt or concrete. It uses various standard lines, marks and colours to communicate directions, zones speed limits, lanes, parking, safety and parking. Clearly demarcated and effective road markings strictly adhering to the regulations will ensure a safe passage. It improves driver behaviour considerably. It is usually applied by machines or even by hand by experienced professionals.

Materials for Road Marking

The material is chosen based on the surfaces where the markings have to be done. You need to consider the high traffic areas, anti-skid properties, waterproofing, longevity issues, and reflective properties to choose the materials. The most commonly used materials are thermoplastic, MMA, water-based paints, epoxy resin or polymer tape.

Thermoplastic Paint for Highway Marking

Thermoplastic material is the most favoured because of its hard-wearing and reflective properties. It is the preferred paint for highway markings and high traffic roads. It is heated to 180-degree Celsius before sprayed onto the road surface. Therefore, it is also known as hot tape or hot melt marking paint. Glass beads and fillers are added to increase surface friction and reflectivity. Pre-formed thermoplastic tapes are also used for markings.

Water-based Paints

These road marking paints are low-profile and environment friendly compared to other options. It is generally used in places where foreign object debris is not expected, like airfield runways or race tracks. The attraction is the wide range of colour choices available which make it ideal for warehouses, car parks, transport yards, block paving surfaces, etc.

Methyl Methacrylate or MMA or Cold Plastic

MMA is cold solvent-free plastic which is remarkably durable for high traffic areas, junctions and crossings. It has the benefits of both paint and thermoplastic. The properties allow it to hold its colour well without fading. The work can be completed faster as it is applied cold, and it gets dried fast.

Experts to Help Highway Markings

Engage specialists who can deliver highway markings jobs on time and budget. The professionals will have a strong understanding of safety standards and regulations by the authority so that they can perform a superior task. The latest resources, machinery and materials available with them will make their work easy and safe.

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Are you looking for a company that can handle repainting of your car park markings? Then, there are many options available online where you can choose the one based on your requirements.

What are car park markings?

In order to differentiate spaces, car park markings are an important part of parking regulations. Standard white lines, single red lines, double red lines, single yellow lines and double yellow lines are used in different places.

Car parks are very important and as a business have a parking lot that is well marked is highly essential. Therefore, if your parking lines are faded, you will need to repaint them.

How does having car park markings help?

  • The markings will help your customers to have easy access to their cars.
  • They will help your customers in parking in the designated places.
  • It is helpful when car park markings have parking spaces designated for disabled people and entry/ exit ways.
  • It can save time of your customer and enable them to park quickly without having to look for parking space.

What are Road Markings?

Road markings are used to provide guidance to drivers while driving. Road markings with different colours and patterns expect appropriate actions from the road users. The markings help the users/ drivers to know where they can turn, park, pass or stop. Road marking did not exist forever. It was first introduced in the UK in 1918 and then gradually underwent many changes. Some markings in place are the white lines, cats’ eyes, etc.  Some of the different ways of adding markings to roads are painting, applying thermoplastic markings, temporary marking tape etc.

Some of the services offered by road marking companies are:

  • Reflective road stud’s installation: Road studs help in providing effective night guidance during the night and extreme weather conditions.


  • Road line Painting: The paint used for road line painting is extra strong and durable to withstand heat, water snow etc.


  • Line removal: The most effective method to remove road line markings is with ultra-pressure water blasting.


  • Screed applied markings: In this method, a self-propelled application pram is used to produce lines that are of pre-selected thickness.


  • Raised rib line applications: A special shoe is used to apply the thermoplastic by a screed technique.


  • Extrusion and spray Thermo-plastic applications: A mechanically propelled vehicle is used in this method and hot thermoplastic paint is applied from a thermoplastically controlled tank to the road surface.
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Car park markings are in great demand in public places such as airports, shopping malls, amusement parks, and the like where car parking facility is given.  Car park markings ensure order and discipline in the car parking area.  It clearly delineates where each car is supposed to be parked thereby ensuring that the maximum number of cars can fit into a parking area.  There is optimum use of space in an organised parking lot.  There could be the problem of haphazard parking when there is no clear guidance or car park markings.  It helps to keep both the drivers and pedestrians safe as they know very clearly which are the areas to avoid.


Safety with Well-Maintained Car Park Markings


The car park area is an important part of any public space.  This is because there has to be a space to park the vehicles that bring in the people.  Well maintained and professional car park markings give a good impression.  The marking has to be clear, bright, and durable too.  The driver knows exactly where he has to go once the passengers are offloaded.  It also ensures that vehicles enter and exit with discipline and without blocking others.  Pedestrians too can move around the car parking area safely and without accidents or injury.


Specifics of Car Park Marking


Car park marking must be done in durable paint to ensure it does not fade away.  Unclear markings can cause confusion and resultant chaos.  The car park markings must be maintained well with regular cleaning and hosing to ensure that the marking is not covered in dust and invisible.  All repairs must be undertaken promptly to ensure a safe and conducive driving environment.


Lessening the Environmental Impact


Car park marking must be done by trained professionals using the latest technology.  It is preferable that they are trained to the level of NVQ Level 2 for Road and Car Park Line Marking.  They also must be provided with the right equipment so that they can do their work efficiently and with perfection.  Companies that employ sustainable working practices are preferred for car park marking as you can be sure they will make a lesser environmental impact.  There must be a commitment to the use of vehicles adhering to emission controls compatible with Euro standards.  There must also be a sincere attempt to prevent waste along with recycle wherever possible and responsible disposal.  The road marking should ideally be made with recycled content as far as possible.

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Highway markings have always played an important role in safety and efficiency of roads and highways. Highway markings allow riders and drivers to use the entire road while maintaining optimum distance. These markings manage traffic and complement other signs as well. However, these markings need to be customised. Every highway has different requirements thus you’ll need experts who can efficiently mark the areas. Along with that, they’ll also decide the appropriate materials that are required for specific areas. Here are some materials that are pertinent to highway markings.

Water-based Highway Marking Paint

This paint is low-profile and is ideal for areas similar to airfield runways and race tracks. The paint is anti-slip so it prevents vehicles and individuals from accidents. These paints are available in a variety of colour palettes to choose from. So, it can also be used for car parking areas, block paving areas and warehouses. The paints are 100% acrylic. So, it incorporates a quick-set chemical mechanism for drying. This variety of paint is commonly used for highway markings as it can be applied without diluting or stirring. The solvent-based materials make it kinder for human health and the environment.

Cold Plastic Highway Marking Paint

This cold plastic paint is Methyl Methacrylate-based and includes properties of both paint and thermoplastic. Its solvent free nature makes it durable and ideal for extremely low temperatures. Therefore, these paints are preferred for highway markings where heavy traffic is expected. Your road marking expert may also suggest these paints for roundabouts, junctions and walkways and zebra crossings. MMA paints take lesser duration to dry thereby accelerating the process. The expert might also combine it with glass beads for surface application according to their discretion. However, it is essential to note that the prices may vary with this inclusion.

Thermoplastic Highway Marking Paint

This variety of paint is often preferred over others due to its highly reflective feature. The paint is applied after a rigorous heating process. It requires expert supervision as the paint needs to be sprayed while it’s hot. You can also choose to add fillers like glass beads to enhance its reflectivity and surface friction. Its abrasion and climate properties make it ideal for road and highway markings. Thermoplastic paints are highly adhesive and therefore last longer than the other varieties. So, make the ideal choice with the help of an expert and get marking!

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Car park markings and road markings were introduced to ensure safety of individuals and vehicles. However, these markings are designed with specific measurements. So it ensures that there is a uniform distance between vehicles, depending on their size and accessibility. The materials used for these markings are designed to prevent mishaps and remain durable for a long period. Apart from this, the markings also create an organized parking area for your building and office space. So your customers are reassured of an efficient service in your company. Read on to know more about how car park markings contribute to safety.

The Anti-skid method

When you hire professionals for road markings they’ll often use lining materials that are anti-skid. These solutions have anti-slip feature that are used for car park markings to prevent accidents of vehicles pulling in or out of the space. Similarly, these solutions are also used for road markings with heavy traffic. The markings can be applied in pedestrian areas as well to prevent accidents while walking. However, the efficiency of these markings depends majorly on the quality of the products. Thus, you need professionals who’ve been in the market long enough to identify the right marking solutions for you.

The Allocation method

If the vehicles in your parking space are haphazardly marked, then it gets impossible to navigate through it. This is why you need accurate car park markings. These markings allocate different areas of the parking space based on the size of the vehicle. Thus, your parking space is not just organized but easily accessible to your customers. The professionals know how to utilize the entire space. So, you can also allocate a specific area to your consequential clients. This will not only prevent parking mishaps but also pool in a better clientele for you.

The Updating method

A significant amount of car insurance is claimed from car park accidents. These accidents are often caused due to faded car park markings. Thus, you need to apply the Updating safety method for your line markings. Once the markings begin to fade, you can ask your line marking expert to redo it. These professionals have proven track records and conduct precise road markings to ensure safety. They also decide the material used for the markings depending on the surface of the road or your parking space. So can get a professional and ensure your safety now!

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Every business needs a parking area that looks planned and well-organised. Several products are available for marking solutions. However, their use could differ according to the need. It it is essential that line marking professionals use the right products. Read on to know the products used for car park marking solutions.

Hot Thermoplastic

Hot applied thermoplastic is one of the most common products used for car park markings. It is primarily available in white and yellow but you can also choose between shades of blue, green and red. However, the white solution is ideal for roads with heavy night-traffic as the glass beads in it are ideal for reflectivity at night. Thermoplastic is applied through screed, extrusion or spraying. However, this process should be undertaken only by experts as they’re equipped with the right tools, to carry out the task with safety.

Traffic Paints

This form of car park marking is available in a variety of colours. You can get them painted on indoor as well as outdoor surfaces. Traffic paints are also used on block paving and concrete surfaces as it adheres well to these materials. Your line marking company can advise you on the right category of traffic paints for your desired road marking space. The chlorinated rubber paint is a sub-category of traffic paints. It is solvent based and is easy to apply with an airless spray brush. Epoxy paints have lesser volatile organic compounds compared to chlorinated paints. Yet, they do contain organic solvents and tend to dry faster.

Pre-formed Thermoplastic

It is one of the easiest car park marking solutions. This form of thermoplastic is available in pre-cut logo and design that is factory made. Thus, it is ready to use without any prior procedure. However, this marking solution is exclusively used for outdoor purposes. It’s best suited for Bitumen surfaces including asphalt and tarmac. You can get these markings made at premium business locations to attract clientele. You’ll need professional help to install it as the process requires a hand and gas torch technique.


Tape is another material for car park markings. It’s available in a variety of colours and can be purchased by the roll. However, since tape can be easily removed, it is not ideal for road markings. However, its ability to stay on smooth surfaces makes it a preferred choice for some marking solutions.