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Are you looking for a Car Park Line Painting company that will also have the Environment as a top priority in its working practices?

Wilson and Scott operates a fleet of modern fuel efficient and eco-friendly vehicles and plant. Trucks are to either Euro 5 or Euro 6 emission standards.

The company has a rolling programme of fleet and plant replacement amounting to around 10% of annual turnover. By these means we ensure that our fleet is up to latest environmental standards.

We also operate a fleet telemetric system which in environmental terms facilitates the most efficient deployment of assets. The system also allows the monitoring of driver performance and by these means we have reduced our comparable fuel consumption by around 2% year on year.

Sustainable Working Practices

  • As a company, we are committed to recycling, using the Remove/\Reduce/Reuse hierarchy to govern our activities
  • We generate no other waste from our line marking operations
  • All of our fleet runs to Euro IV standard. The impact of our emissions is further minimised by the rigorous maintenance schedule that all plant undergoes
  • The tins/bags are disposed of through the usual waste recycling channels
  • We use 100% recycled glass – and there is no wastage as the unused materials stay in their silos/mixing pans until required again
  • We use thermoplastic with 30%recycled content – the maximum we can obtain
  • All suppliers and sub-contractors are required to produce evidence to the procurement department of their commitment to the environment by way of written policies and procedures and these business partners are audited by the environment advisor on a regular basis following their initial acceptance on the approved supplier list
  • We actively discuss packaging and delivery arrangements with our suppliers to minimise – or eliminate – wastage from packaging


  • We have taken a number of initiatives in order to protect the environment - these include substantial training at all levels of the employees, together with commitment from senior management by the publishing of environmental and sustainability policies that encourage all to demonstrate a strong and continual approach to all environmental issues
  • Operational and Supervisory staff are provided with training appropriate to their roles, including CSCS and NVQ qualifications
  • The company operates an integrated Business Management System which incorporates a Quality System to ISO 9001:2008 and 14001 - the scope of which includes National Highways Sector Scheme No. 7. This enables the delivery of contracts and projects to the highest possible standards


  • Through our integrated Business Management System (BMS), the company has undertaken a detailed analysis of the significant environmental impacts of our business
  • This has identified that the most significant environmental impact occurs through the use of fossil fuel by our vehicles
  • The Business Plan within our BMS has mandated several measures to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint. These measures include targeted fuel reductions of 2% year on year and the procurement of trucks to Euro 6 standards
  • We have installed energy saving measures in our existing Head Office and are in the process of modifying and extending the premises in the most environmentally supportive manner
  • The company has already committed to the Government’s ‘Act on CO2 – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ campaign – evidence of which can be seen in our approach to paper usage (reduction in use by means of double-sided printing on old paper, reuse of paper as notepads and membership of paper recycling schemes)

We have proactively stipulated further reductions in our carbon footprint, which form part of our ISO 14001 accreditation


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