Quality Line Marking - Assured

Are you searching for a line marking company that guarantees best practice and the highest standards?

Wilson and Scott have delivered line marking services for local authorities throughout the UK over the last 60+ years and understand what is required to keep operational standards high.

We deliver quality line marking services with a workforce of over 100 professionals using a fleet of well-maintained, modern and company-owned trucks and vehicles through a unique in-house capability in markings, traffic management and materials supply. This is all backed up by Head Office support, nationwide resources, contingency planning and communication.

We are required to achieve and comply with official industry accreditations so that we can continue to deliver outstanding line marking services to roads and car parks for city and county councils.

And this means that you can be confident that Wilson and Scott will fulfil your line marking requirements to the highest of standards with a proven track record of quality and best practice.

We work to the highest of Quality Standards

BS11001 collaborative business relationships

OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 14001 Environment Management System

NHSS7 National Highways Sector Scheme 7

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