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Car park markings can be a concern to you given their legal nuisances.  If you are planning to build or refurbish your car park, this guide will help you to understand the regulations in a better way.

Space and Size of Car Parking Bays

The space required will depend on the number of bays you can fit. The regulations for car park markings state that for cars it should not be smaller than 2.4mX4.8m in the UK. Additionally, you will need 6 meters for manoeuvring in off-street bays. However, if you consider the size of today’s cars, you may need a larger space. Further, you would want to consider coaches, vans, and delivery vehicles and they need even larger space. If you opt for parallel parking bays, the length of each bay should be longer than the standard. Note that white markings indicate permitted parking and yellow lines indicate no parking. If the cars can manoeuvre in and out easily in your parking space, go ahead with your plan.

 Car Park Marking Lines

Car park marking lines constitute an important part of the parking regulations. These are used to distinguish different types of spaces. Single red lines, used in some parts of the UK, indicate that road traffic cannot stop or wait during the times assigned on the signs. Thus, it ensures that the space of entry is not blocked by a vehicle. Double red lines indicate no stopping or parking or even waiting. Medical emergencies are exceptions. Single yellow lines are the most common markings after standard white lines. The lines are to limit the place only for waiting to pick up passengers. Engage professional services to follow the marking regulations in a proper way.

Dedicated Parking Spaces

Generally, you should aim a 6% space to be allocated to disabled people. The regulations specify how the lines and marks are to be done effectively. The bays are usually larger with minimum dimensions of 2.4m by 12m with a 12m space at back for boot access. You can reserve space for parents and children if there is a retail outlet that attract families in the vicinity. However, this is not mandatory.

Flow of Traffic

It is suggested to use a one-way flow around the car park. You should be careful to keep the traffic on the left-hand side moving if you have two-way traffic to avoid confusion. The car park markings should indicate the directional signs and surface arrows to send the drivers along a single circular route.


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Road markings are generally used in a variety of surfaces like highways, pavements, car parks, sports courts or entertainment complexes. The purpose is to communicate information to motorists and pedestrians. Here is an overview of highway markings for you to understand the purpose and methods of the marking process.

What are Road Markings

Road markings refer to the application of materials or paints on the surfaces of roads, pavements, asphalt or concrete. It uses various standard lines, marks and colours to communicate directions, zones speed limits, lanes, parking, safety and parking. Clearly demarcated and effective road markings strictly adhering to the regulations will ensure a safe passage. It improves driver behaviour considerably. It is usually applied by machines or even by hand by experienced professionals.

Materials for Road Marking

The material is chosen based on the surfaces where the markings have to be done. You need to consider the high traffic areas, anti-skid properties, waterproofing, longevity issues, and reflective properties to choose the materials. The most commonly used materials are thermoplastic, MMA, water-based paints, epoxy resin or polymer tape.

Thermoplastic Paint for Highway Marking

Thermoplastic material is the most favoured because of its hard-wearing and reflective properties. It is the preferred paint for highway markings and high traffic roads. It is heated to 180-degree Celsius before sprayed onto the road surface. Therefore, it is also known as hot tape or hot melt marking paint. Glass beads and fillers are added to increase surface friction and reflectivity. Pre-formed thermoplastic tapes are also used for markings.

Water-based Paints

These road marking paints are low-profile and environment friendly compared to other options. It is generally used in places where foreign object debris is not expected, like airfield runways or race tracks. The attraction is the wide range of colour choices available which make it ideal for warehouses, car parks, transport yards, block paving surfaces, etc.

Methyl Methacrylate or MMA or Cold Plastic

MMA is cold solvent-free plastic which is remarkably durable for high traffic areas, junctions and crossings. It has the benefits of both paint and thermoplastic. The properties allow it to hold its colour well without fading. The work can be completed faster as it is applied cold, and it gets dried fast.

Experts to Help Highway Markings

Engage specialists who can deliver highway markings jobs on time and budget. The professionals will have a strong understanding of safety standards and regulations by the authority so that they can perform a superior task. The latest resources, machinery and materials available with them will make their work easy and safe.

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Are you looking for a company that can handle repainting of your car park markings? Then, there are many options available online where you can choose the one based on your requirements.

What are car park markings?

In order to differentiate spaces, car park markings are an important part of parking regulations. Standard white lines, single red lines, double red lines, single yellow lines and double yellow lines are used in different places.

Car parks are very important and as a business have a parking lot that is well marked is highly essential. Therefore, if your parking lines are faded, you will need to repaint them.

How does having car park markings help?

  • The markings will help your customers to have easy access to their cars.
  • They will help your customers in parking in the designated places.
  • It is helpful when car park markings have parking spaces designated for disabled people and entry/ exit ways.
  • It can save time of your customer and enable them to park quickly without having to look for parking space.

What are Road Markings?

Road markings are used to provide guidance to drivers while driving. Road markings with different colours and patterns expect appropriate actions from the road users. The markings help the users/ drivers to know where they can turn, park, pass or stop. Road marking did not exist forever. It was first introduced in the UK in 1918 and then gradually underwent many changes. Some markings in place are the white lines, cats’ eyes, etc.  Some of the different ways of adding markings to roads are painting, applying thermoplastic markings, temporary marking tape etc.

Some of the services offered by road marking companies are:

  • Reflective road stud’s installation: Road studs help in providing effective night guidance during the night and extreme weather conditions.


  • Road line Painting: The paint used for road line painting is extra strong and durable to withstand heat, water snow etc.


  • Line removal: The most effective method to remove road line markings is with ultra-pressure water blasting.


  • Screed applied markings: In this method, a self-propelled application pram is used to produce lines that are of pre-selected thickness.


  • Raised rib line applications: A special shoe is used to apply the thermoplastic by a screed technique.


  • Extrusion and spray Thermo-plastic applications: A mechanically propelled vehicle is used in this method and hot thermoplastic paint is applied from a thermoplastically controlled tank to the road surface.
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Hi Alan,

Since in construction we generally only hear about the bad things in our work, I felt the need to pass some praise back for Roger and Josh that have been on our Site today.

The professionalism of the guys and their attention to detail for the works carried out was exceptional.
Full PPE was worn without question, both were calm in carrying out the work from setting it out and completing the marking.
They arrived on site early and despite finishing way ahead of schedule, the works were not rushed which you can tell from the end result.

Also, thanks for scheduling the works at such short notice.

Kind regards,
Site Manager