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A well-organized car park significantly reduces the risk of collisions and other mishaps. Line markings play an important role in the safety of a car park. Residential and commercial car parks have become advanced with many safety features available. If you are planning to build or refurbish your car park area, pay attention to the safety standards and features. Read on to know more about car park markings.

Car Park Markings: How does It help

Your car park area is one the first place to see when people pull up to your building. A well maintained and properly marked car park leaves a good first impression about your property. Durable, bright road markings give effective direction, it will be an easy task to park a large number of vehicles and control the traffic. A well-marked car park ensures optimum usage of space, with adequate space provided for the users.

Car Park Markings: Ensure Your Safety

Car park markings make your car park efficient and safe. You need to follow the guidelines and set standards for UK when you plan to design your car park. It is important to carefully consider various aspects like layout design, allocation of space, the flow of traffic, signage, and lighting, etc. The parking space is bound to have high traffic with vehicles moving in and out all the time. The most important criteria to consider when you plan your car park is the durability of car park markings. To reduce the risk of accidents and keep the pedestrians and drivers safe, it is essential to have long-lasting and clear markings in the car park. Additionally, whether it is day or night, the markings should be bright, visible, and clear to avoid confusion. Ensure to hire professional help from experts so that you get a reliable service done for your space.

Maintenance of Your Car Park

The constant traffic of vehicles and pedestrians, loading and unloading of goods, etc., leave the space dirty and dusty making the markings difficult to read. It is essential to keep the parking area clean so that dirt buildup is prevented. Hose down your parking space periodically to keep the markings clear and bright. Potholes are a common issue in car parks; repair cracks and other surface damages as soon as possible to maintain your car park in top condition.

Safety comes first when you design your car park. Get expert help to ensure the standards and guidelines are strictly followed. Bright and clear car park markings and road markings will ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians who use your car park.


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When someone visits you, the first area they see is the parking lot. A neatly marked parking lot gives the impression of an organised business and creates a better impression on your clients. It is therefore important to regularly repaint your car parking area. However, there are several materials used for car park markings based on the surface area of the space. Read on to know about the different car park marking materials used by professionals.

Water-borne painting materials

Water-borne painting solutions are one of the most affordable options available. As the name suggests, this car park marking solution is majorly water-based. Thus, it is easy to apply in your parking space and has the least drying time in ideal conditions. It is essential to take assistance of car park marking experts to ensure that this solution is used when the humidity is low. You will also need to protect this paint from high heat and extremely low temperatures for fear of freezing. When this paint is applied with a greater film build, its flexibility and durability increases. Its gloss enables people to clearly see the markings. This kind of painting solution is also used where dust build-up is an issue.

Solvent-borne painting materials

Solvent-borne painting material is a favourite amongst car park markings professionals. These paints are created with a hydrocarbon base. Solid components like additives, binders and pigments are used in this painting material. These paints are better shielded against harsh climates and are often preferred in areas with high temperatures. Solvent-based paints do not freeze or melt in extreme temperatures. However, it is important to remember that these paints can only be cleaned thinning products. Products like mineral spirits are preferred by professionals to clean this painting material.

Tape as painting material

Unlike wet paints, tapes are easier to manoeuvre as car park marking solutions. Tapes contain resins, pigments and reflective materials like glass beads. It comes in ready to use designs and can be laid down in your parking space within the right distance. The resins used in these tapes provide the essential wear characteristic while the pigments are used to produce colour. Primers like Permanent Additional Adhesive are also used to strengthen the bond of these tapes. It is ideal for ever-changing layouts and indoor spaces including warehouses. Therefore, with these materials at your disposal, get a professional and mark your parking space!

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Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a fresh one, highway markings can get confusing at times. The meaning of these markings usually changes based on different shapes, colours and locations. But these markings are extremely essential to promote road safety and prevent vehicles from colliding. It is therefore essential to know about the different highway and road markings and follow them when you step out next.

Markings along the road

You will find several lines along the carriageway in different shapes. Edge lines are one such kind of highway marking. These lines are found on the left end of the road and painted white in colour. Sometimes, you may also see these lines in a ribbed pattern. This pattern is known as Raised Profile Edge lines. It is drawn to alert the drivers that they’re warding off the road and need to get within the line. These lines are often drawn on roads prone to fog and mist. It may also appear on roads where the width suddenly changes through the stretch. Hazard warning line is another type of road marking line. This is a kind of centre line with the only difference being the length of the painted markings compared to the unpainted one. The painted lines for this kind of markings are longer and indicate an approaching junction.

Markings across the road

When you see chunky and broken white lines at a mini roundabout, you’ll know that you’re at a small junction. It is painted to indicate that you need to give way to the traffic from the right. However, the ‘give way to traffic’ lines on major roads are different. The road marking at this location is broken, white lines indicating motorists to give way to traffic. These lines can appear on major roads and mini roundabouts.

Markings on the kerb

Markings along the kerb are responsible for indicating the movement of vehicles in that area. Double yellow lines are a form of highway marking, indicating that no vehicles shall load or unload there at any given time. However, vehicles are allowed to pick-up and drop customers at these lines. Single yellow lines are more temporary in nature. These lines also prohibit loading and unloading of vehicles. However, you can check the signboards near it to confirm the duration of this enforcement. If the number of days are not specified, then it can be implied throughout the year. Now that you are informed about these road markings, remember to be more cautious when step out next time.