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Car park markings are in great demand in public places such as airports, shopping malls, amusement parks, and the like where car parking facility is given.  Car park markings ensure order and discipline in the car parking area.  It clearly delineates where each car is supposed to be parked thereby ensuring that the maximum number of cars can fit into a parking area.  There is optimum use of space in an organised parking lot.  There could be the problem of haphazard parking when there is no clear guidance or car park markings.  It helps to keep both the drivers and pedestrians safe as they know very clearly which are the areas to avoid.


Safety with Well-Maintained Car Park Markings


The car park area is an important part of any public space.  This is because there has to be a space to park the vehicles that bring in the people.  Well maintained and professional car park markings give a good impression.  The marking has to be clear, bright, and durable too.  The driver knows exactly where he has to go once the passengers are offloaded.  It also ensures that vehicles enter and exit with discipline and without blocking others.  Pedestrians too can move around the car parking area safely and without accidents or injury.


Specifics of Car Park Marking


Car park marking must be done in durable paint to ensure it does not fade away.  Unclear markings can cause confusion and resultant chaos.  The car park markings must be maintained well with regular cleaning and hosing to ensure that the marking is not covered in dust and invisible.  All repairs must be undertaken promptly to ensure a safe and conducive driving environment.


Lessening the Environmental Impact


Car park marking must be done by trained professionals using the latest technology.  It is preferable that they are trained to the level of NVQ Level 2 for Road and Car Park Line Marking.  They also must be provided with the right equipment so that they can do their work efficiently and with perfection.  Companies that employ sustainable working practices are preferred for car park marking as you can be sure they will make a lesser environmental impact.  There must be a commitment to the use of vehicles adhering to emission controls compatible with Euro standards.  There must also be a sincere attempt to prevent waste along with recycle wherever possible and responsible disposal.  The road marking should ideally be made with recycled content as far as possible.

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Highway markings have always played an important role in safety and efficiency of roads and highways. Highway markings allow riders and drivers to use the entire road while maintaining optimum distance. These markings manage traffic and complement other signs as well. However, these markings need to be customised. Every highway has different requirements thus you’ll need experts who can efficiently mark the areas. Along with that, they’ll also decide the appropriate materials that are required for specific areas. Here are some materials that are pertinent to highway markings.

Water-based Highway Marking Paint

This paint is low-profile and is ideal for areas similar to airfield runways and race tracks. The paint is anti-slip so it prevents vehicles and individuals from accidents. These paints are available in a variety of colour palettes to choose from. So, it can also be used for car parking areas, block paving areas and warehouses. The paints are 100% acrylic. So, it incorporates a quick-set chemical mechanism for drying. This variety of paint is commonly used for highway markings as it can be applied without diluting or stirring. The solvent-based materials make it kinder for human health and the environment.

Cold Plastic Highway Marking Paint

This cold plastic paint is Methyl Methacrylate-based and includes properties of both paint and thermoplastic. Its solvent free nature makes it durable and ideal for extremely low temperatures. Therefore, these paints are preferred for highway markings where heavy traffic is expected. Your road marking expert may also suggest these paints for roundabouts, junctions and walkways and zebra crossings. MMA paints take lesser duration to dry thereby accelerating the process. The expert might also combine it with glass beads for surface application according to their discretion. However, it is essential to note that the prices may vary with this inclusion.

Thermoplastic Highway Marking Paint

This variety of paint is often preferred over others due to its highly reflective feature. The paint is applied after a rigorous heating process. It requires expert supervision as the paint needs to be sprayed while it’s hot. You can also choose to add fillers like glass beads to enhance its reflectivity and surface friction. Its abrasion and climate properties make it ideal for road and highway markings. Thermoplastic paints are highly adhesive and therefore last longer than the other varieties. So, make the ideal choice with the help of an expert and get marking!

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Car park markings and road markings were introduced to ensure safety of individuals and vehicles. However, these markings are designed with specific measurements. So it ensures that there is a uniform distance between vehicles, depending on their size and accessibility. The materials used for these markings are designed to prevent mishaps and remain durable for a long period. Apart from this, the markings also create an organized parking area for your building and office space. So your customers are reassured of an efficient service in your company. Read on to know more about how car park markings contribute to safety.

The Anti-skid method

When you hire professionals for road markings they’ll often use lining materials that are anti-skid. These solutions have anti-slip feature that are used for car park markings to prevent accidents of vehicles pulling in or out of the space. Similarly, these solutions are also used for road markings with heavy traffic. The markings can be applied in pedestrian areas as well to prevent accidents while walking. However, the efficiency of these markings depends majorly on the quality of the products. Thus, you need professionals who’ve been in the market long enough to identify the right marking solutions for you.

The Allocation method

If the vehicles in your parking space are haphazardly marked, then it gets impossible to navigate through it. This is why you need accurate car park markings. These markings allocate different areas of the parking space based on the size of the vehicle. Thus, your parking space is not just organized but easily accessible to your customers. The professionals know how to utilize the entire space. So, you can also allocate a specific area to your consequential clients. This will not only prevent parking mishaps but also pool in a better clientele for you.

The Updating method

A significant amount of car insurance is claimed from car park accidents. These accidents are often caused due to faded car park markings. Thus, you need to apply the Updating safety method for your line markings. Once the markings begin to fade, you can ask your line marking expert to redo it. These professionals have proven track records and conduct precise road markings to ensure safety. They also decide the material used for the markings depending on the surface of the road or your parking space. So can get a professional and ensure your safety now!