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Every business needs a parking area that looks planned and well-organised. Several products are available for marking solutions. However, their use could differ according to the need. It it is essential that line marking professionals use the right products. Read on to know the products used for car park marking solutions.

Hot Thermoplastic

Hot applied thermoplastic is one of the most common products used for car park markings. It is primarily available in white and yellow but you can also choose between shades of blue, green and red. However, the white solution is ideal for roads with heavy night-traffic as the glass beads in it are ideal for reflectivity at night. Thermoplastic is applied through screed, extrusion or spraying. However, this process should be undertaken only by experts as they’re equipped with the right tools, to carry out the task with safety.

Traffic Paints

This form of car park marking is available in a variety of colours. You can get them painted on indoor as well as outdoor surfaces. Traffic paints are also used on block paving and concrete surfaces as it adheres well to these materials. Your line marking company can advise you on the right category of traffic paints for your desired road marking space. The chlorinated rubber paint is a sub-category of traffic paints. It is solvent based and is easy to apply with an airless spray brush. Epoxy paints have lesser volatile organic compounds compared to chlorinated paints. Yet, they do contain organic solvents and tend to dry faster.

Pre-formed Thermoplastic

It is one of the easiest car park marking solutions. This form of thermoplastic is available in pre-cut logo and design that is factory made. Thus, it is ready to use without any prior procedure. However, this marking solution is exclusively used for outdoor purposes. It’s best suited for Bitumen surfaces including asphalt and tarmac. You can get these markings made at premium business locations to attract clientele. You’ll need professional help to install it as the process requires a hand and gas torch technique.


Tape is another material for car park markings. It’s available in a variety of colours and can be purchased by the roll. However, since tape can be easily removed, it is not ideal for road markings. However, its ability to stay on smooth surfaces makes it a preferred choice for some marking solutions.

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Highway and road markings were introduced for smooth traffic movement. These markings are made in a precise and accurate manner, to ensure that vehicles move smoothly. Highway markings should be very visible to avoid collisions. The lines are distinctly marked to allow a safe and efficient transit for vehicles of different sizes. Road markings are extremely necessary and here’s why!

It helps regulate traffic

Most main roads experience heavy traffic at one time or another. Highway markings help to regulate traffic and ensure safety. Thus, it is important to have reflective road markings to ensure that road regulations are efficiently followed. Certain lines such as solid and broken lines are specifically marked on roads to imply different instructions. This allows drivers to distinguish between such lines. If road markings are not specific, vehicle owners may be confused on where to go and could cause havoc for other drivers. A clearly marked road will allow drivers to navigate easily and will prevent them from getting stuck at loading and unloading zones. This ensures an uninterrupted flow of traffic through roads and highways of your city.

It helps with safety

A major purpose of highway markings is to prevent accidents. It is important for road markings to be highly visible so drivers can distinguish between pedestrian and driving lanes. A brightly painted road has lesser chances of vehicles colliding as compared to poorly painted ones. Therefore, it is important to hire a company that understands the necessity of road markings. Professional line markers understand different highway markings and will ensure that these are implemented in accordance with traffic rules. However, these markings are not limited to general roads. Distinct line markings should also be used in commercial areas and in front of schools and government buildings. It ensures that drivers drive responsibly without unruly road incidents.

It improves visibility

Reflective highway markings also provide better visibility at night. Professional line marking companies are equipped with enhanced tools such as thermoplastic and cold paints. These tools ensure that despite heavy traffic and uncertain weather conditions, the road markings remain intact. Drivers often face the risk of fog during late nights or early morning drives. Thus, the markings should be clearly visible to prevent accidents at such hours. It is, therefore, important to hire an expert to mark the lanes of your city. Their tools and expertise can make your city an accident-safe zone.

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Whether you have a small building area or a larger office space, car park markings are integral for a smooth transit. However, there are several points to consider while installing such markings in your parking space. Thus, you will need professionals who can follow all the guidelines and mark your parking areas efficiently. Read on to find out why you should consider assistance with your car park markings.

They are well-equipped

Professionals who provide car park markings are equipped with the right tools. They handle the entire process on a regular basis so they know how to make accurate measurements. When you hire experts in this area, you can be assured of getting value for your money. These experts will use the right collection of stencils and paints to provide quality service for your parking area. Taking assistance from such professionals will ensure that your parking space is distinctly marked. DIY procedures can take forever to implement and you run the risk of making errors in calculations. Further, you may not be aware of all the rules and regulations that need to be followed. However, a professional firm will have the experience and expertise to handle the job effortlessly.

They enhance your business

Your parking space is the first impression that will register with your clients. A cluttered parking can reflect poorly on the professionalism of your business. Expert car park marking professionals can ensure that your space is marked accurately. The lines are brightly painted to avoid confusion and will help make the process simple and stress-free. They ensure that your space looks well-kept and assures your clients of a professional business environment. Hiring line marking experts ensures that the measurements are marked in such a way to provide ample space between each vehicle. This allows your clients to have a smooth transit and a good overall experience at your firm.

They save you money

Another reason why you must take assistance for your car park markings is that they give you value for your money. Hiring a professional implies precise markings with the right colours and measurements. A professional will know the exact areas to mark and the spaces to be left unmarked. Their process will take lesser time and will result in accurately marked parking spaces. On the other hand, if you try DIY methods, you might end up making grave errors in the markings. So, save yourself the trouble, and hire line marking professionals right away!