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When you think of car park markings, the white lines that can be seen in car parks that ensure you park your cars in an orderly manner is what comes to mind.  I doubt we even give a second thought to the mechanism that goes behind these markings.

Specialists Who Do Car Park Markings

Car park marking systems help to outline parking bays and parking spaces.  You will notice that it is not marked haphazardly but there is a system to it.  You need the right equipment to ensure it is done as per specifications.  There are specialists in this profession who help out business and retail parks, designated parking bays, sports courts, multi-story car parks, disabled parking bays, walkways, or footpaths with defining areas where parking or walking is allowed.  You can get their help to get markings done with quality paints so that they are durable.

Types of Paints Used

Car park marking companies use line painting vehicles so that the car park markings are done accurately and correctly.  The paint is selected according to location and surface type.  The main types of paint used in car park markings are hot applied thermoplastic, preformed thermoplastic, traffic paint, tape, and temporary materials.  You can call these specialists and avail of their services anytime since they are available 7 days a week and 24×7.

Accreditations for Car Park Markings

If you choose specialists in this trade, you are assured of consistent service irrespective of the size of the job.  These experienced contractors will get your job done on time and make sure it is done as per your requirements.  Car park markings may seem like an easy job and nothing that warrants too much of your attention, so you will be surprised to know that ISO 9001:2008 certifications are also awarded for this work.  This certification is backed by the assurance of baseline industry quality and functioning.

Measures for Quality Service

Car park marking companies ensure their personnel undergoes regular training so that they can maintain the quality of markings as well as health and safety.  Employees have to pass the NVQ Level 2 and supervisors and managers NVQ Level 6 to be eligible for this job.  They invest in the latest equipment and applications and send you well-trained employees.  They only use the best paints available and the selection of paint is based on the job and the surface it has to be used on.