Wednesday, 06 November 2019 / Published in News, Industry

Here at Wilson & Scott, we value the health & safety of both our workers and the public above everything else. This is what lies behind our ‘Safety Starts with Me’ ethos with which we promote safe working practices. As a result, we are always looking for new ways to invest in anything that can help us do this.

One recent innovation we are proud to unveil is the introduction of two skid steer machines with milling heads.

What Makes These Skid Steer Machines So Amazing?

The basic function of these two new machines is to remove longitudinal road markings quicker than traditional methods with minimal operator intervention or manual handling, ultimately reducing disruption to other road users.

Road User Safety Is Given A Boost Too

With these machines, Wilson & Scott are also able to work in a safer way for our partners and road users. We have fitted each one with our own illuminated exclusion system which clearly shows where the machine is working at any one time.

This makes it much easier for road users or anyone working with us to avoid entering the danger zone by accident. 4 no LED lights on the roof of each machine shine a red beam onto the road when the machine is switched on. Once on, the red beam gives full 360-degree coverage for total clarity. It is this unique lighting system that really sets the benchmark for innovation. With this simple touch, everyone in the vicinity is aware of the machine and where it is, substantially increasing road user safety during works.

Industry Best Practice From Wilson & Scott

Innovation and safety are key to how we work. By investing in the two new skid steers and also fitting them with our cutting-edge illumination system, we have taken the initiative in this area. Both machines can be used day and night – indeed, they are so effective for removing road markings that we plan to use them in most jobs moving forward!

Are you looking for temporary road markings or something a bit more permanent? Contact Wilson & Scott today for a quote.